Feldenkrais Classes

Calendar of Classes: Winter/Spring 2018

Rebalancing the Spine - Part I
January 8 and 10:
Lengthening the Spine
January 15 and 17:
Side Bending
January 22 and 24:
Flexibility versus Stability - the need for both
Rebalancing the Spine - Part II
January 29 and 31:
The Spine as a String of Pearls
February 5 and 7:
Exploring Diagonal Connections - supine and prone positions
February 12 and 14:
Safe Strengthening Exercises for Your Back
The Neck and Shoulders
February 19 and 21:
Releasing Muscular Tension - Part 1
February 26 and 28:
Releasing Muscular Tension - Part 2
March 5 and 7:
Snow Angel Arms
Improving Everyday Function
March 12 and 14:
Exploring Movements in Sitting
March 19 and 21:
Easier Reaching
March 26 and 28:
The Eyes and Mouth
Healthier Knees
April 2 and 4:
Tilting the Knees - supine and prone positions
April 9 and 11:
Improving Knee Strength and Flexibility the Feldenkrais Way
April 16 and 18:
Easing Stiffness
Improving Your Balance
April 23 and 25:
How Posture Affects Your Balance
April 30 and May 2:
How Strength Affects Your Balance
May 7 and 9:
How Your Feet Affect Your Balance
HShoulders, Elbows, Wrists and Hands
May 14 and 16:
Powering Shoulder Movements from Your Center
May 21 and 23:
The Amazing Hand
May 28:
Memorial Day:  NO CLASS
May 30:
Holding the Elbows and Rolling Side to Side


Class Times:

Monday: 10:30 - 11:30 AM

Wednesday: 6:45 - 7:45 PM


Cost: $79.00 for six classes or $15.00 walk-ins.


Registration: The same class is offered twice a week; choose the class time that suits you. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing so you can move freely.


Location: Wyndhill Professional Center

8200 Flourtown Avenue, Suite 14
Wyndmoor, PA 19038

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Inclement Weather Alert
If the Philadelphia public schools are closed due to inclement weather, class will be canceled. Otherwise, you will receive an email or phone call about emergency cancellations.

Please email or call Joanne to register
jpfagerstrom@gmail.com or 267-432-1795